Mufti of Tirana: The truth of Skanderbeg's "covering". They threatened me with life!

Tirana Mufti, Ylli Gurra

 "I want to make a public clarification for the Catholic and Orthodox brothers. We had no intention of offending or covering Skanderbeg. He is the National Hero of Albanians and neither from the religious side nor from the historical presence of his monument to the square is no problem for Muslims, nor for praying prayers."

This is what said today in an interview for "Albanian Newspaper", Tirana's mufti Ylli Gurra. As he was asked for an explanation for Skanderbeg's "veiling" during prayers, Gurra said there were mostly the technical conditions that led him there, but without his intention. "I was not engaged with the technical, tone and lighting this time, but from the beginning I know that the shape of the square requires the" led wal "screens to have some degree of slope so that they can be seen on all sides of the square," said Gurra for Albanian Newspaper ". The Tirana Mufti expressed his regret for the way this is perceived and confessed that "I have received life threats" because of the circulating images and the perceived perception that Muslims covered the monument of Skanderbeg during the Morning Prayer.

Skanderbeg covering in Tirana square

"For this reason, I want to give a public clarification to all the Catholic brothers who are sensitive. The arrange of all that scene there, firstly is done at night. That means is harder to look at and harder to work on it. The technicians judged it as it is being judged ." The Mufti recalls that in some concerts in the new square, Skanderbeg was virtually hidden and never was intentional.

"There has never been a goal either this time, they have found it easier to install the LEDs. One of the led lights should be seen by the praying ladies, who have been on the right. The screens should have some degree of slope. But in any case, I emphasize, that there is no tendency. There is not, because after the first Bajram, forgiveness was carried out with the monument stil there," said Mufti./Oculus News

Mufti of Tirana: The truth of Skanderbeg's "covering". They threatened me with life! Mufti of Tirana: The truth of Skanderbeg's "covering". They threatened me with life! Friday, September 01, 2017 Rating: 5
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