I know a place – discover beautiful Albania - Unforgettable days and nights at Rodon Cape

Rodon Cape by drone

 Discover Albania Club organized a two-day activity on 25 and 26 August under the motto “I know a place” to visit one of Albania’s most beautiful and interesting places Cape of Rodon, an initiative born from hundreds of travels and photos taken across the country. According to ‘Travel Magazine’ more than 150 young people joined the invitation of the Club to be part of this celebration, which started in Tirana with the organized transport, continued with the enjoyment of the trip to Rodon, with the experience of the enjoyment of the memorable West where the moon and the sun were made together with the big beach party, which lasted until the early morning hours.

A concert organized with music combining the song and the rhythms of youth music with DJs was the soundtrack of a long evening that each enjoyed it as wished, taking long walks on the beach, talking to friends about the fire, drinking a beer at the barbeque dinner, or closely following the concert, whose sounds were heard far away on both sides of the long beach.

Young people near a fire night at Rodon Cape

The accommodation in tent camps was the only option because Rodoni fortunately has not yet been affected by urbanization and we hope to remain so, to offer a different experience of nature's enjoyment.

Tents of young people at Rodon Cape beach

But not just of nature. Rodoni is a place where one piece of Albanian history can be discovered and one of the many activities that took place on this holiday was a visit to Skanderbeg Castle, a few kilometers from the beach where the camp was located. It was also meant to visit the Church of St. Ndout.

Young people at Scanderbag Castle at Rodon Cape

On the morning of tomorrow, groups of young people joined various activities. Someone wished to relax under the calming sounds and magical movements of Joga's spiritual sport. Nature-lovers joined the groups that would visit the Castle and the Church, and the more adventurous, went after the sport. The Albanian Adventure groups organized a stand-up paddle and a kayak while off the Kepi slope, Off Limit Albania, dived into the "Off Road" adventure with the 4x4 convoy vehicles.

Young people on car at Rodon Cape

The clubs Discover Albania, My Albania Nature Explorers, Albania Adventure, Off Limit Albania, gave each one a little of their experience, which was enjoyed by at least 150 young people, to show that "yes", Albania can enjoyed wanting nature, respecting the legacy, not defiling the environment, recognizing the story and of course while having endlessly fun. Because knowing what you have and enjoying without damaging it means exercising responsible tourism./Oculus News

I know a place – discover beautiful Albania - Unforgettable days and nights at Rodon Cape I know a place – discover beautiful Albania - Unforgettable days and nights at Rodon Cape Friday, September 01, 2017 Rating: 5
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