La Republica and Financial Times astounded by Accursed Mountains and Albanian low cost holidays

 The tourism of Albania has hit the headlines in the international media. This time it is the Italian media outlet “La Republica” which has dedicated a special writing to the growing number of Italian tourists in Albania. The modern constructions and affordable prices are quite appealing to Italians, from January to July nearly 182,000 Italians came to rest in Albania, with a 56% increase.

"Low-cost holidays, Italians intrigued by Albania: Here with 30 euros you can sleep in a hotel and with 10 euros can dinner", is the title of "La Repubblica". Tourists from Puglia seem to be the ones who have preferred to spend the holidays on the Albanian coast, writes the article, bearing in mind that the largest flow of movements is carried out by the Bari port.

One of the agencies offering tour packages in the neighboring country qualifies Albania as the country with very low cost, but with miracles of nature and new buildings, comparing it with neighboring countries such as Montenegro or Corfu.

 On the other hand the Financial Times magazine writes about natural beauties of the highlands in the border area among Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro and have been covered in an article published “A hike to the mysterious Accursed Mountains in the Balkans”. The author of the article Martin Fletcher writes that, “Pastoral life has remained unchanged despite political turmoil lasting for decades and the ever-growing number of visitors.

"With pains in my feet and lungs exploding, we stopped at the rocky peak of Mount Gjeravica, the highest mountain in Kosovo. It was a worthwhile effort. From our 8714-meter view, we surveyed some of the wildest, most astonishing and least-flimsy landscapes left in Europe," he wrote.

Fletcher further writes, "Under the blue skies and with fresh air, we admired the mountain tops and the green virgin valleys stretching in every direction. No builders of railway models could create such an epic landscape. "

This distant and mysterious mountain distance, most accessible only by foot, offers more than the beauty itselfe. It accommodates shepherds and herds and ancient pastoral traditions that have not yet been destroyed by mechanization. In isolated villages, traces continue to survive from a code of conduct that combines the essence of condemnation and generosity, the article states.

Fletcher further explains what attracted more attention to him. "It was the name - the Accursed Mountains - that first caught my attention. A Google search showed me that they were stretching to the borders of Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro, "Fletcher says.

Fletcher shows that he later met at the airport with Virtue Gacafer, the person who helped Western journalists during the Kosovo war and now arranges hikes on Accursed Mountains (Alb: Bjeshket e Nemuna), provides tourists with transport, guides them and provides them with shelter.

Above you can see footage from Fletcher's journey and his impressions of "Bjeshkët e Nemuna"./Oculus News

La Republica and Financial Times astounded by Accursed Mountains and Albanian low cost holidays La Republica and Financial Times astounded by Accursed Mountains and Albanian low cost holidays Sunday, September 03, 2017 Rating: 5
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