Fishing passionate gathered in Lezha

people fishing on Lezha coast

 Albanian Federation of Sport Fishing has promoted Lezha part of the Surf Casting championship, the sport of catching fish standing on the shoreline or wading in the surf. The choosing of Lezha was not accidental because of its seashore. This sport offers opportunities while being practiced massively and with ease. While it is also a challenge for all contestants.

The Drin River, the Kune - Vain lagoons, the Tales and Shengjin coast are ideal places to fish. The Island - Lezha, the estuary of the Drin River is also the ideal place to fish.

The area is part of the Kune-Vaini natural reserve, but for years this area has become one of the greatest attractions of those who are passionate about fishing with hooks. Many fishermen come to the area from other cities in the country. In this area there are fish such as Bass, Eel, Gilt Head, etc.

Fishing is an opportunity to get out of the daily routine, but also to make the holidays as relaxing as possible for all those who choose Lezha. Fishing is an old craft in Lezha. Residents of these sides have developed their own households by tackling fishing. From a proffesion to survive, fishing in Lezha has already become a sport./Oculus News

Fishing passionate gathered in Lezha Fishing passionate gathered in Lezha Sunday, September 03, 2017 Rating: 5
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