BBC: Albanian "saze" at World Music Scene

albanian saze

 In the framework of the international cultural heritage day, the British BBC radio brings polyphony music, played with "saze".

"Almost three decades since the collapse of communism, a group of folk musicians from Albania are trying to enter the world music scene," the BBC says.

The traditional songs and tunes of South Albania were brought by renowned Pink Floyd producer Joe Boyd to record an album that will be performed at St Luke's.

BBC reporter Albana Kasapi reports about the joy and pain of her childhood sounds.

The important event of the promotion of Albanian folklore with traditional "saze" is accompanied by a complete audio, as you can here it by clicking below.
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BBC: Albanian "saze" at World Music Scene BBC: Albanian "saze" at World Music Scene Friday, September 29, 2017 Rating: 5
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