Montenegrins are not Serbs

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 The Montenegrins, these last years, after separating from Serbia, have started to distance themselves from the notorious theory that they are Serbs. They love their identity as a nation in themselves; and that Serbianisation, according to them, was the result of a great propaganda over the last two centuries.

This time I will mention only some aspects of their convincing evidence that they are not Serbs, without getting into the debate with them of how far their argumentation goes. It is important for us that they want to break away from Serbian dependence on identity. Serbization was only a political motive all the time.

Montenegrin writingThe Montenegrin pro-ethnic press writes "It all started with" Načertanijen ", the Serbian anti-war program of 1944, where Serbia's influence on northern Albanians and Montenegro is commanded, and where is proposed the installation of espionage in these neighboring countries". Let Serbia follow the example of Russia and give to "vladika" great support in money - in this way Serbia at a small price will have the friendship of this country, a country that can at any time offer 10 thousand mountain soldiers (brdnih vojnika).

Then, true Montenegrins also give this; "For the old Montenegrins the word "Turkish" meant the Muslim, the "Latin"- Catholic, and the for Serbian the Orthodox, regardless of religious affiliation. Otherwise, when Montenegro was under the jurisdiction of the Serbian Patriarchate of Peja (1557-1766), for Orthodox Montenegrins in the peoples' believe was the Serbian faith. This is also confirmed by the Czech scholar Josef Holeček, a good Montenegrin expert.

According to the writer Sima Matavulj, "Even up to the sea the 'Serbianisation' has only religious orthodox meaning (pravosllav, as they call it):

Let's go further: Even for Mark Milan, the call "Serbian" is a religious meaning, in his text "PRVA POHARA KUČA" we read: When the vizier of Shkodra heard, he did so: He corrupted the Kuq tribu, in order to induce conflicts  confilts between then some of them took money from the Turks, so they were betrayed. Here's their names: Lulaj Pellumbi, Turk from the village of Ledin. Pal Lekaj, Latin from another village; Punan, a Serb from Berovo Beqo Savićev, a Serb from Levi Reka (Ljulja Palumbov, Turčin from the village of Ledin, Pale Lekin, Latin from the village of Banjankan, Punan Dedin, a Serb from the village of Berovo, Bećo Savićev, a Serb from the left river. The turkey on the pulp gate. ")

"Mark Milani, dod not considered the "Serbian" term related to ethnicity but to religious affiliation; because Latin nationality does not exist, there were no Turks in the Kuq tribe either Serbs by nationality, so the Turkish, Latin and Serbian terms were merely religious affiliation.

Today's Montenegrins write: "Kosovo's myth, Milos Obilić, will bring it to Montenegro in the 19th century. The Spy and Serbian propagandist Simo Milutinović Sarajlija, who for several years was Njegos' educator in Cetinje. And most importantly, the Montenegrins say today that the cult of Sveti Sava came from Serbia in the 19th century and it is seen that Njegoshi has never mentioned it. The Montenegrins were once called "Dokleat". Were never Serbs."

"Dukla has been a Catholic country. By 1089, the Archbishop of Tivar with the Pope's order rose to a higher rank ... But in later centuries, with the Nemanjas rulership, Orthodoxy became the religion of these regions.

So once again, these are some of the denials of today's Montenegrins who are Serbs, and that "Serbian" was just an Orthodox (Orthodox) term.

- "Biophysical anthropology has proved that Montenegrins are not peregrine as Serbs
(Biophysical anthropology confirms: Montenegrins are old people)

- Do you know that Stefan Nemanja was a Catholic?DA LI ZNATE DA JE STEFAN NEMANJA BIO KATOLIK? Evo i zašto! )

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