Japrak with grape leaves

Japrak with grape leaves

For 4 persons

Grape leaves

A glass of rice water

½ kg of green onions

2 mint flocks

black pepper

Spinach and other cabbages

5 pieces Green Garlic

1. Boil the leaves for about 4-5 minutes.

2. Then let them drain.

3. Grate the green onions and put them to fry until get gold color.

4. Then we throw the spices and the spinach (other cabbages) and stir them up.

5. Finally add the rice and mix well.

6. Put in the mass prepared a glass of water in order for the rice to get boiled.

7. We take the mass out of the fire and let it cool and we start enlace one by one with the grape leaves.

8. After finishing the process, we put them carefully in a pot where we add water until the mass is covered and add some olive oil.

9. Once we have finished we put a heavy plate above the japrak.

10. The fire should be at a low temperature so that the japrak will slowly boil for about 10-15 minutes.

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