John Schindler: Great Albania is a reality

John Schindler: Great Albania is a reality

 The West must give up the fantasy that long-term peace in the Balkans can be achieved by isolating Serbia, but Belgrade must also compromise and recognize Kosovo as a state, said to The Observer the US security expert and former National Agency analyst for Security (NSA) John Schindler.

 According to Schindler, Great Albania is coming and it is better for this to be a reality in peaceful conditions".

He thinks that Kosovo should join Albania, while Mitrovica must be part of; Presheva Valley to Kosovo. The author adds that Serbian religious sites should be put under UN protection and extraterritorial. He says that from the correction of the map in the Balkans the big loser will be Macedonia, and that Skopje, in exchange for the loss of the northwestern part of the country, which is mostly populated by Albanians, has to get the EU membership invitation before everyone else and get aids from the West.

According to Schindler, Putin is trying to cause problems in the Balkans, but, he says, Moscow can expect cooperation in exchange for territories if the Kremlin is treated as an equal partner. He describes Bosnia Herzegovina as a "pseudo-state that has never recovered from the 1992-95 disaster, and that billions of dollars of Western aid have been lost by criminality and corruption."

"Let Republika Srpska join Serbia," Schindler wrote, saying that no one can rationally explain why Serbia's borders of communist era may change and Bosnia's borders can not. The author of the text emphasizes that "ethnic Croats from western Herzegovina should be allowed to join Croatia and recalls that most of the Croats there already have Croatian passports.

He thinks that the rest of Bosnia Herzegovina should be allowed to go its own way and with accelerated procedure to be accepted in NATO and the EU "Only after the West recognizes that the peoples of Southeast Europe can achieve peace after living In coherent cohesion nations, such as Germany, Poland or Denmark, we can expect the Balkans to calm down and begin to solve serious problems of poverty, criminality and corruption," says Schindler. It is time for the West to acknowledge its failure and to give to Southeast Europe what needs, normal state with coherent borders, improving thus Tito's map, Schinler said./Oculus News

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