How the State of Arber raised?

Skanderbeg on his horse
By Gjon Keta

 Our first medieval state is called by Western and Byzantine documents as Arber's Principality. This principality was set up according to the model of the medieval European states of the time.

The state of Arber, from the end of XII century and the beginning of XIII held constant politics, and the attitudes emerging from the office of the prince were attitudes of the state councils, respectively the Grand Council and the Council of Minorities. The diplomacy of our medieval state reached the peak of development through relations with the states, such as Venice, Papacy, Ragusa, Byzantium, and some other.

At the international level, the state of Arber from the middle of XIII century  had engaged representatives or consuls at diplomatic tables. Diplomatic correspondence was forwarded by elected representatives to read and forward them to the other state representative and then to the Emperors or Heads of State.

It is likely that the state of Arber had the economy sector, as well as other spheres of life of the time. Also, the state in question possessed a modest army to be established later, especially in the time of Gjergj Kastriot-Skanderbeg, as documented by Barleti Arber state not only had a stable army but also possessed the intelligence sector, which at that time was called the guard of intelligence.

In this regard, from the opening of the Lezha Assembly (March 2, 1444), the state of Arber is considered a capacity-building state with a perspective of European Monarchies, which developed international relations among themselves. Unlike some monarchs of the time, Gjergj Kastrioti was not an egoist, careerist, but he was remarkable with vision, wisdom and bravery. Gjergj Kastrioti with his wise leadership, his visionary governance and his strategy made the state of Arber, according to glory, to cross the borders of the Balkans.

Thus hemade the European peoples and kings to turn their hopes and eyes to this powerful state, which had become the only shield and insurmountable, thus being the only state to resist the Ottoman Empire, an Empire that did not spare anything to achieve its invasive goals. If a state in Europe deserves to have the crown of glory in European history, this is the state of Gjergj Kastrioti Skanderbeg, for the fact that this state was protected by its own force without the continued assistance of the princes and the European kings of that time, namely the crown of glory for the defense of our common European civilization belongs to the state of Arber.

Gjergj Kastrioti Skanderbeg, who as a leader sacrifice by pouring up the last drop of blood to preserve the freedom of his nation and preserving the freedom and state of his nation, he simultaneously preserved and defended the freedom of states and European Civilization./Oculus News

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