Turkish Scholar: Albanians have influenced and left traces in the history of the Ottoman Empire

The scholar from Turkey Mufid Yüksel, in connection with a conference organized in Kosovo yesterday with the theme "Albanian-Turkish Intercultural Relations from the Ottoman period until today", told to Tourkish Telegraphic Anadolu Agency that similar conferences have been organized in Istanbul in the pst, while last month a similar conference on this topic was organized in Tirana.

Saying that he himself has conducted studies about the relationship between the Ottomans and Albanians and about Albanians in the Ottoman Empire, Yüksel said: "My works are associated with the content of photos where is shown the history of Albanians in Ottoman Empire since the introduction of this Empire in the Balkans until 1910 -1920. Even at this conference we showed some of those pictures, documents and information that I have available ".

Yüksel following his speech said that through conferences he explains to participants about Albanians during the Ottoman Empire, including not only 33 Alsadr Alazam Albanians, but also for those who have been on duty as Prefects or other higher duties in other countries such as the Arab countries, their artistic and cultural side etc.

Noting that these conferences can be an impetus to rebuild ties between the two peoples, he said: "In the Ottoman Empire Albanian sociaty was the strongest. Ties between the two countries could be elevated to reread the History. In the past we were so much connected that because of the large presence of Vezirs in Topkapı Saraj in their few meetings is used the Albanian language. Albanians were very powerful and effective. Even the tombstones and graves have documents that underline that these persons were Albanians. So Turks have carved even in marble the Albanians name because of the big importance given to them. Relations between them has not been as explained ".

In the context of history, ideals and mutual trust should be reviewed relations and revive them said Yüksel and then underlined that cultural ties in particular must be very strong because, according to him, the strongest Albanian diaspora is in Turkey, were many of those are in very high and good positions. "It is unacceptable that a country like Turkey, which has presented a large diaspora, to have such relations with other countries" he says.

Emphasizing once again the History and common values Yüksel says Albanians have affected and left traces in the past history of Turkey. "Acts of Albanians can be seen all the way. If we look at Istanbul we will see that after sultans and their families most works and services are performed by Albanian pashas. These works are not limited to Istanbul. In Diyarbakır, Aleppo, Damascus, and in cities like when we see signs of their works that are still standing, you can understand that relationships have been much more crowded and good ''.

Yüksel in his speech noted that Albanian services are not in the Ottoman Empire. He mentioned in this context, that Albanians have continued to serve later in Egypt, Iraq and other similar places.
Turkish Scholar: Albanians have influenced and left traces in the history of the Ottoman Empire Turkish Scholar: Albanians have influenced and left traces in the history of the Ottoman Empire Sunday, February 28, 2016 Rating: 5
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