An Albanian elected deputy in Switzerland

Etrit Hasler 

Etrit Hasler eventually won over 9,000 votes, While the other Albanian, Jusuf Sherifi won 6700 votes lacking about 400 to be selected deputy in the Parliament of st. Gallen Canton, Switzerland.

In the race for the Parliament of St. Gallen, where are competing about ten Albanian-Swiss politicians, until now, Etrit Hassler of Social Democratic Party has won a sitting, Albanian media reports.

Hasler, who is the son of an Albanian doctor and a Swiss journalist, was also cantonal MP in the previous mandate . Etrit began the race from the city of St.Gallen, which gives 7 MPs.

Hasler is well known in German Switzerland as a journalist and "slam-poet".

Close to winning a seat is also Jusuf Sharifi, who is on top 10 posibilities (in the same area of Etriti) of which only 7 of SP's candidates can be elected.

While in the city of Wil is also the other young Albanian politician, Bullakaj Arber, who entered among four finishers in this area that gives three deputies. In the coming ours we will learn if hi will win as sit.

Also a very good result has ensured the SVP's candidate, Rrustemi Ambroz. He won 2596 votes, but in the area where he competes, his rival party have more votes so till now we don't know if he will be elected.

Meanwhile, the SP's supporters gathered in the restaurant "Stickerei" in St.Galleni and are awaiting of the results. There is also a group of Albanians supporters.
An Albanian elected deputy in Switzerland An Albanian elected deputy in Switzerland Monday, February 29, 2016 Rating: 5
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