WB in Tirana asks Alleviation of Poverty and Unemployment

 World Bank (WB) held today a conference on the challenges of equitable and all inclusive economic growth in Albania.

The joint conference with the Albanian Government considered the possibilities of accelerating economic growth and development, also the exchange of views on these challenges.

 The World Bank study revealed that economic growth is resuming in Albania and continuous efforts are needed to ensure strong, inclusive and sustainable growth.

The labor market, noted the World Bank (WB), continues to be weak and inhibit the growth of the economy.

"As obstacles to hiring young people World Bank sees scant information on education and labor markets, lack of work experience and poor professional networks" - says Ana Revenga, Senior Director of Poverty and Equity in World Bank.

Reforms should match the needs of labor markets, especially for the benefit of some groups such as young people, women and minorities.

Young people with low education face discouraging factors and obstacles in the labor market, while there are also disparities in access to education.

These are the reasons why migration in Albania is high and the immigrants are the mos educated population than those who remains inside the country.

The World Bank study stated reforms are underway in some areas such as energy, taxes and pensions, to ensure sustainable growth.

They should continue with to ensure fiscal sustainability. but fiscal indicators may jeopardize future growth for Albania.

"During the design and implementation of reforms, the public should be informed about the impact of fiscal policies on poverty and inequality" - says Ellen Goldstein, World Bank Regional Director for Southeast Europe.

Poverty reduction has stopped since the global economic crisis and poverty alleviation remains the challenge.

The World Bank said that there are instruments to spread the impact of fiscal policy.

Even in these reforms is essential continoe the measurement of poverty and the welfare of families.

The World Bank said that Albania has a pressing need for sound fiscal policy, as the sustainability of pension,  deficits disappearance in the energy sector, reduction of debt and public spending.
WB in Tirana asks Alleviation of Poverty and Unemployment WB in Tirana asks Alleviation of Poverty and Unemployment Wednesday, January 20, 2016 Rating: 5
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