Unknown Facts about Ismail Kemal: Birthday, name and the mysterious death

Unknown Facts about Ismail Kemal: Birthday, name and the mysterious death

The Turkish Historian Alpan Necip wrote a historical book about the founder of the Albanian state, Ismail Kemal. Although documents from archives are authentic, these data have not yet been published into the official biography of Ismail Kamal. Eg Ismail's birthday was kept 'secret' for many decades after the fall dictator of Enver Hoxha.

Until the 90s of last century, the official text of the history of Albania, the encyclopedic dictionary, but also in other memoirs, Ismail Kemal has not had a date of birth. It the Turkish historian who says the the exact birthday of Ismail Kamal is 16 October 1846, but given that Hoxha was born on this day, it is kept secret.

At the time it was given custom scientific institutions by the Institute of Marxist, led by Nexhmije Hoxha, who eliminated the date of birth, which fell on October 16 from any other personality historical, in order for Albanian people to celebrate only the birthday of dictator Enver Hoxha and that only his birthday was a public holiday. Another curiosity of the life of the founder of the state is that in all the documents of the time he has been called Ismail Bey Vlora and non Ismail Kemal, or Ismail Kemal Bey.

Ismail Kamal name was used during the communist regime, which for reasons of communist worldview, the title "Bey" was not accepted. However, Ismail Kemal without "bay", seems to have acquired the right of citizenship, as in this way he is presented in almost on all official books of history.

Ismail Kemal was married twice and both times with Greek citizen. For the first time with a widow from Konica, who died in childbirth along with the girl, he married a second time in 1886 with Kleoniqi Surmeli, daughter of a Greek nobleman from the province of Edirne. Ismail Kemal was forced to grab his second wife, because the laws forbidden the marriage of a Muslim with an Orthodox.

By Ismail Kamal second marriage nine children came to live, three girls and six boys. Girls were called Myvedet, Aliya, Ylvi. While the boys were Mahmud Bey, Tahir Bey, Ethem Bey, Cevdet Bey, Bey Qami Mutiny Bay. Kamal Ismail knew, besides Albanian, and seven other languages, which were Osman, the new Turkish, Ancient Greek, Latin, Italian, French, Slavic.

Ismail Kemal died in mysterious circumstances in Perugia, Italy, a few moments before giving a press conference. To date there is not a final version of his death, but always in doubt. It is believed that he was poisoned. The body of Ismail Kamal was held in Perugia for two weeks after his death, with the idea of the embalming. But, this added more doubts about poisoning after they removed all internal organs to erase any sign of autopsy.

The mummified corpse of Ismail Kemal was buried according to his order, in Kaninë. The funeral ceremony was the February 12, 1919, on Wednesday. After 13 years of resting in the castle of Kanin, the dead body of the first prime minister of the Albanian state it was revealed in Vlora, on the score of November 28, 1932, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Albanian independence. Ismail Kemal body was put in the place where it remains today, in "Flag Square", Vlora. Ismail Kamal monumental tomb has the figure of "Flamurtari", a work of the outstanding sculptor Pascal Odysseus.

There have been discussions and still has not been resolved over which flag is set on 28 November 1912 on the balcony of the historic home of Vlora. A variant is that Marigo wove the flag, a bride's house where Ismaili slept last night; Another variant is that this banner is brought by Spyridon from US; while the third option is the one of Eqrem Vlora under which Aleadro Kasstriota gave him the flag, the husband of a princess who claimed to be the successor of Skanderbeg.

The picture of the symbol of the Declaration of Independence has remained that of December 1, 1912. To date there are no photos from the time of the Declaration of Independence on 28 November 1912.

It has not be found the original document of the Declaration of Independence. Existing copies are presumed to belong to Lef Nosi, which was the Ministre of Post and Teleghraf in the first Albanian Government.

Ismail Kamal, as prime minister and chairman of the first Albanian state, stood at the helm of the Government from November 28 1912 until January 22 1914, ie., 12 months and 56 days.
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