Ali Sami Yen: The Founder of Galatasaray S. K.

How Did Ali Sami Yen Founded Galatasaray S. K.
By Kastriot Bezati

  • Sami took the first lessons in Bektashi Tekke of Frashëri . In 1865 he moved in Ioannina, where completed the Greek gymnasium "Zosimaia". He worked briefly in the secretary of the Vilayet of Ioannina and when was 21, in 1871, settled in Istanbul and began working in the Office of the Press - Sami Frasheri writes on "Servet Funu", in 1896.

Was one of the main organizers of the formation of the Albanian Committee in Istanbul on  December 18, 1877, while on October 12, 1879, at 29, is elected chairman of the "Society of Albanian letters."

In the years 1884-1885 directed the magazines "Drita" (Light) then "Dituria" (. Wisdom). Prepared book for needs of the Albanian school, and in 1899 published "Albania what was, what is, and what will be", the work was translated into Greek by Fan Noli. Is the author of 57 works in Albanian, Turkish and Arabic, including magazines and newspapers that he directed in Turkey, among which in Albanian language "Albania what was, what is, and what will be", while in Turkish and Arabic, "Kamus ul Alam", 6 volumes, for which he worked 12 years, is the author of the  normative vocabulary of Turkish language "Kamusi Turki" with 40,000 words and phrases, as well as author of several bilingual dictionaries in French -Turkish (1882) and "Turkish-French (1885), Arabic-Turkish (Kamus-of Arabia). In Turkish wrote plays and novels, among which the work "Besa" (Fidelity), published in 1875. Several books and brochures summed the "Pocket Library" and, while he directed these newspapers and magazines, "Hadika", "Tarabullus" " Sabah "," Aile "," Haft "and Terxhumani Shark", which became a legal organ of the League of Prizren. He also translated many works, especially by French.

Special researcher Sami have called "a working monument". "A man - an academy" - writes the Turkish scholar Shexhaattin Tural. Three brothers, Abdyl, Naim, and Sami, are a symbols of patriotism and culture emblem of knowledge in Albania.

Cr stone. Sevo, in his memoirs published in 1936, among other things, writes: One day I asked my teacher, Petro Luarasi, "which is is the bes Naim or Sami?". Luarasi said, "From witch eye do you see better, the the right or the left?".

Sami met and married in Istanbul Emine Veliye, the daughter of Kazasker Sadedin Efendi, a family of lords of Istanbul. He married when he was 34 years, in 1884. Lived  10 years with Emine and had four children: Samijen, Sadiun, Sadijen and Ali Sami. With the death of Emine, 1894, after one year, 1895, he married Ballkëze Frashëri, daughter of Ibrahim Pasha of Laçenjtë, Frasher, who at the time lived in Istanbul, with whom had a son, Skender.

Samija, the eldest daughter, married Ererin Rashid Mansur, who for a period was Minister of Finance of Turkey. She had two sons, Mehmet and Emin. The latter, Emin Ereri, has come several times to Albania. I met with him three times in Frashër, on 09/09/1973, when worked to raise the house of Frashëri Brothers on 06.16.1974, when the museum "Frashëri Brothers" was inaugurated  and in 06.09.1978 when the coffin with Abdul Frashëri bones went from Frashëri to Tirana.

Ali Sami, 1886-1951, studied at the school of Galatasaray in Istanbul. In 1905 he created the football club, which was officially registered in 1912.

Ali Sami, or as called by 1934, Ali Sami Yen, was the first president of the sports club of Galatasaray, so the football stadium of Galatasaray, built in 1964 with 25500 seats in the center of Istanbul, was given the name "Ali Sami Yen ".

"Sami loved children. In the case of their education he stood before any sacrifice ", - writes the Turkish scholar A.S. Levend. "Till in 1899 our house was always full of guests. Among them were priests, imams, shaykhs, dervishes, orientalists, foreigners, young and old. Respect the opinion of others and knew how to behave with each. With childrens behove like children ", - writes Ali Sami, Sami's son, Turhan Hekmat Daghoglu," Semsettin Sami", Istanbul 1934.

He has biorn in Istanbul's Kandilli, on March 20, 1886. Its original name is Ali Sami, and is the son of Sami Frasheri.

Ali Sami "Yen" Frashëri in 1905 created the football club Sports Club Galatasaray  and was the first president for 13 consecutive years, from 1905 to 1918. And again briefly in 1925. he was the first coach of the football team between the years 1905-1908. President of the Olympic Committee from 1926 to 1931. The first coach in an international match against Romania. Ali Sami Frasheri, died on 20 July 1951.

Ali Sami Frasheri is also one of the first Albanian players, also is one of the first  Albanians coaches, one of the first presidents of a football team.
Ali Sami Frashëri enjoyed tremendous respect in the Turkish state and especially in the city of Istanbul.

Ali Sami Frashëri laid the foundations of Turkish football, was the first initiator of the establishment of sports clubs as: Basketball, handball, volleyball, swimming, etc Main Opponents of Ali Sami Frashëri club were: Fenerbahçe SK, Besiktas JK, Trabzonspor, Istanbulspor etc.

Ali Sami Frashëri followed the path of his father and uncles, all intellectuals and visionary. Under his leadership Galatasaray S.K. won many trophies, was the best and most organized team in Turkey and the Balkans.
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