Albanian Beauty Wins Miss New York - Serena Bruçaj

Miss New York - 2016, Serena Buçaj

  •  Two Albanian girls are among the 20 most beautiful of New York - Florinda Kajtazi and Serena Buçaj

NEW YORK CITY: The 27-year-old Albanian beauty, Serena Buçaj - last night was crowned Miss New York 2016.

She is working as modeling fashion at "Major Model" in the world metropolis of New York City.

Buçaj says proudly that she has Albanian roots.

Albanian Beauty from Puka by origin - born and raised in the US, Serena Buçaj, will have the opportunity this year to compete for Miss USA 2016 - where she hopes will be crowned with the "Royal Crown" of beauty from Miss USA Olivia Jordan, Oklahoma.

In addition to material benefits - and competitive, Buçaj is also the winner of Miss USA 2016, which according to some US media, will represent the United States in the Miss Universe 2016.

What attracted the attention this time in the race most of the beauty in New York, this year is that among the 20 finalists another Albanian girl - Florinda Kajtazi from Kosovo, who lives in the United States.

Florinda Kajtazi

It is to be mentioned on this occasion the fact that the Albanian beauty Buçaj reached Miss New York 2015 together with Latina Thatiana Diaz by competing with 50 most beautiful women of US on July 12, 2015 for the title of Miss USA 2015, this  placed her among top 15 most beautiful women in US.
Albanian Beauty Wins Miss New York - Serena Bruçaj Albanian Beauty Wins Miss New York - Serena Bruçaj Friday, January 22, 2016 Rating: 5
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