Students threw eggs on Prime Minister Rama

 In Tirana a group of students threw eggs toward the prime minister Rama while the latter went out of a meeting organized with representatives of small business at environments of Social Sciences University. Police forces present intervened immediately. At least 9 students are detained in on of Tirana Police Station. Six of them are members of the "Movement for the University" and three others from the "student movement" in Pristina.

Smashing eggs against Prime Minister seems to have been a protest against higher education reform which has encountered no little controversy, not only by students but also groups of university profesors.

Representatives of University Movement, accused the police for violating them. One of the students, Viki Cipi, from the premises of the police station wrote on Facebook that "they treated us as beasts and violated us in an shameful manner" confirming that the reaction against the Prime Minister had to do precisely about the reform in higher education. "Education is a right and not a privilege for the rich," she wrote on Facebook.

For this event Police has not yet any pronunciation, who sent numerous forces atFaculty, immediately after the incident.
Students threw eggs on Prime Minister Rama Students threw eggs on Prime Minister Rama Monday, November 02, 2015 Rating: 5
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