Albania in Eu with Bio Agricultural products

Albania can compete in EU markets with its own Bio certified agricultural products.

Albania in Eu with Bio Agricultural products
Experts and producers of this sector in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Slovak project of Foreign Policy Association, discussed Monday in Tirana, for the adoption and implementation of the requirements of the EU which should supplement products "Bio" in Albania, to join the EU .

Gledis Gjipali, executive director of the European Movement in Albania (EMA) said that the opportunities and benefits that should have organic farming are great. At a time when all over the world, but also in Albania, has a growing interest in organic products, we should induces institutions to give a hand to industry and market of this product.

In Albania there are many initiatives to increase the amount of lands with bio products, considering the hundreds of hectares of chestnut of medicinal plants, but according to the head of the MTEF, Agim Rrapaj, a good part of the production is still uncertified.

"Albania has the potential to be an organic place and this should be used, along with institution-building certification," said Rrapaj.
Today organic agriculture is getting even more important, not only in Albania but throughout the world.

Sali Metani, a representative of the department of Agriculture, said, "Organic agriculture is a clear sector to promote and realize the agricultural production with as little impact on the environment and healthy for the consumator".

Adaptation of Albania with the quality standards according to EU, is a necessity, because agriculture is one of most important sectors, the standards of which are provided for the country's integration into the EU, he said, and stressed that the strategic objective of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Water Management and other tasks in this field is the guarantee of increasing the quantity and quality of organic production.

Also, Article 95 of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement provides that cooperation between Albania and the European Union will be aimed at modernizing and restructuring the Albanian agriculture and agro-industrial sector, and at supporting the gradual approximation of Albanian legislation and practices with the rules and community standards.
Albania in Eu with Bio Agricultural products Albania in Eu with Bio Agricultural products Monday, November 02, 2015 Rating: 5
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