Reforms in higher education

The final draft for the higher education reform has been greeted by the members of the Forum for Academic Freedom, who had opposed some of the points of the first project.

Professor Dhurata Shehri declared that this draft, which will soon turn into law, has reflected most of their requests.

“Since the funding level of higher education will double, the government takes responsibility for it, and with the same measure it raises its own responsibility, which is something that we agree with in general. Most of the competences that was given to managers by the first draft, is removed with the second one, and deals only with the management of money rather than the department’s work”, declared prof.Dhurata Shehri, Chief of the Literature Department.

Prof.Agron Gjekmarkaj declared that a key point for the pedagogic staff is the salary increase, which is related closely to their efficiency in teaching.

“The draft is unclear as regards the financial side, the salaries of professors, which I believe is the Achilles heel. The government should get engaged with this problem. Our payments are minimal, for not saying ridiculous. There cannot be an efficient teaching if professors, docents and doctors are not paid right. The government should include this our request in the new draft, a draft that could turn into a law by September”, declared Professor Agron Gjekmarkaj, from the Department of Literature.

Some professors think that the implementation of this final draft in universities will be difficult.

“I wish that the draft will have this flexibility, or the law, if we can take in consideration its implementation this early. I believe that it will be accompanied by several other sub-legal acts of Council of Ministers Orders, instructions, etc. I hope that these will improve it even more. Especially the funding of scientific research, which is something that we will see closely. All governments and all laws that we have had so far have said that they will support the funding of scientific researches, but nothing has been done so far”, declared Prof.Dhurata Shehri.

The Commission that planned the draft for the higher education reform asked to monitor its implementation in universities./top channel/
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