State pension to rise by 2 %

The Minister of Social Welfare and Youth, Erjon Veliaj explained yesterdaz the new pensions scheme that will apply from January 1st of 2015. In a press conference, Veliaj said that the pensions will rise by 2% for 606 ,000 Albanian citizens.

“We just approved the Council of Minister's decision. Even though the Consumer price index as INSTAT made public these days was about 1.6 %, the government decided for a rise of 2 %, in other words, more than the inflation rate. This way we will have a real rise of the pensions in our first year", Veliaj said.

According to him this decision predicts rise of all pensions, full, partial, reduced, premature old age pensions, disability pensions and family pensions for in both cities and villages.

"We also decided the same thing for the suplementary pensions for military men, state police, Secret Service etc. In all there are 606 thousand people who benefit, 427 thousand in the citiez and 150 thousant in the villages of the country. We are ready to approve the new pension reforms", added Veliaj.

He also made clear that new pensions will depend totally on people's contribution.
State pension to rise by 2 % State pension to rise by 2 % Thursday, July 10, 2014 Rating: 5
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