Pope's visit in Albania

Pope visit Albania

The Apostolic visit of the Holy See, Pope Francis, will take place in Tirana on September 21st. It foresees a tight agenda that will take 11 hours in our country. 

At 19:30, Pope Francis will fly from the Fiumicino Airport to the International Airport "Mother Theresa" in Tirana, where he will be received by the Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama.

Under tight security conditions, offered by Vatican and the Albanian government, the Pope will travel to the President's Office where he will meet the President and other authorities. 

At 11:00, the Pope will hold a holy mass in front of the devotees that will gather in that day.

Different from the other visits, when the Pope was seen travelling with his white car, in the Albanian capital the Pope will travel with an open car made available by the local authorities.

The Pope will meet at 13:30 with the Albanian Bishops of the Apostolic Nunciature, and then will meet with the leaders of other religions in the "Zoja e Keshillit te Mire" University.

At 17:00 will be held the evening mass at the Tirana Cathedral.

"Pope Francis has always promoted the culture of meeting between different groups. It was his style as Bishop of Buenos Aires, and he is showing that as a Pope too. Pope Francis will encourage the inter-religious dialogue that exists in Albania, for which we are proud of", declared Angelo Massafra, Archibishop of Shkoder-Pult.

Fushe Kruje seems to have turned into an important center of visits for important foreign authorities. Same as President Bush and his wife, Pope Francis will stop there and will visit the Betania Center at 18:30, where he will meet orphans that are treated in this center.

His leaving ceremony will be held at 19:45 in the Mother Thereza Airport, which will conclude his visit in Albania./top channel/
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