Three workers die in HPP tunnel

Workers in HPP tunnel
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The Lezha police is continuing the investigations of the tragedy of the Hydropower Plant of Qafe Molla, Mirdita, where three citizens, two Albanians and one Turkish, lost their lives in 2000 meters of depth. 

The victims are Ndue Legisi, 50; Pjeter Doda, 38; and a Turkish employee who were placing explosives to continue working in one of the tunnels. A massive of soil detached from the ceiling and took one of the victims. The two others ran to save their colleague, but another rock has taken them too.

The entire tragedy was seen by another employee who told how it happened.

“My colleagues came for the explosion, but a piece of rock fell from the mountain. The firm that works here didn’t respect the regulation to make the arches. All the blame goes to the engineer and the firm representative”, he says.

3000 workers are engaged for the Qafe Molla Hydropower Plant, mainly from Mirdita, Puka and Kukes.
Three workers die in HPP tunnel Three workers die in HPP tunnel Thursday, July 31, 2014 Rating: 5
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