Roasted Carp

Roaster of Carp (Al. Tava e Krapit) is a traditional fish-food of Shkodra region, which is preserved with fanaticism by its citizens. The origin of this recipe dates back to the birth of Shkodra bazaar where cooks of the time (at that time they were called "akshijte") elaborated continuously carp fish till the delicious Roaster of Carp derived in nowdays (14 century A.K.). By the time, if carp were served to guests, its head was offered to the main guest of the house as a sign of respect.

Best Time to cook carp is from May to June, when carp (preferably male) reaches 4-5 kg of size.

Ingredients for 8 persons:

a fresh carp of 4 - 5 kg

1 kg ripe tomatoes or sauce

1.5 kg of onions

garlic 400gr

1/2 l red grape vinegar

a piece of pistil

6-7 bay leaves

sunflower oil


black pepper


little sugar

Initially we clean well the carp inside-outside and drag out a triangular-shaped bone located near head. We cut the fish in 3 cm slices and simultaneously detaching the tail. We clean and dry well the slices and blush in pan till they get a golden color from both sides, and let them aside. This helps the fish not dissipate during cooking.

Then, we clean/peel the onions, cut in thin slices and fry them in the same pan we blushed the fish till they get a golden color. After, we add tomatoes without skin, vinegar, pistillate, salt, pepper, laurel leaves, a little sugar and let all the ingredients boiling till they melt in each other (about 20 m) and the mass gets a moderate level of density.

Meanwhile, on the lubricated with olive oil  roaster, we put the slices of carp and above it we pour the source. Before baking, we heat the oven for about 2 m at 150°, and we put the roaster with ingredients. Then we bake it for about 30 to 40 m. When getting out the oven we sprinkle little parsley on it and everything is ready.
Ju bëftë mirë!
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