Mandoi: Drugs, not only from Italy

Mandoi: Drugs, not only from Italy

The second person in charge at the National Prosecution of Anti-Mafia in Italy, Francesco Mandoi, who is attending a visit in Tirana, declared that the drugs in Italy doesn’t come only from Albania, but the traffic between the two countries have been reactivated.
“My impression is that we should understand the term ‘reactivated’, which would mean a start from zero, as it was in the beginning. If we were at zero and now we are going at one, this is a beginning. My idea is that there is a reuse of the drug canals and not only in Albania”, Mandoi declared.

The high-rank official declared that the drug traffic is a global phenomenon, which has increased recently due to the economic crisis.

“We must be clear that the economic crisis has brought once again the need to profit money in the simplest way. This reactivation has been seen in the smuggling of cigarettes, clandestines, but the flux is not only from Albania, but also from Turkey and Greece, the entire Mediterranean”, Mandoi declared.

He underlined that they need an efficient exchange of information between the law-enforcing agencies.

“It is necessary to exchange information. It is necessary for the justice institutions of both countries to cooperate”, Mandoi declared.

As for the airplane that fell in Divjaka, he said that he had no information about that, and that the news shows the need for a closer international cooperation, because this problem is present even in Italy./Top Channel/
Mandoi: Drugs, not only from Italy Mandoi: Drugs, not only from Italy Wednesday, May 28, 2014 Rating: 5
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