De Biasi Warns Italy: Albania is No Easy Opponent in Euro 2024

 While geographic Albania is close by, footballing Albania remains distant in terms of names, history, and trophies. Despite recent years seeing an influx of Albanian players in Serie A, with some even playing for top teams, the Italian side still seeks to learn more about the Albanian national team, especially now as they prepare to face them in the opening match of Euro 2024.

De Biasi when he was coach of the Albanian national team in the match against France in Euro 2016
 De Biasi when he was coach of the Albanian national team in the match against France in Euro 2016
To gather more information, "La Gazzetta Dello Sport" turned to the perfect insider who is at home on both sides of the Adriatic. This is Gianni De Biasi, the former coach and architect of Albania's first qualification for the finals of a European Championship.

"Asllani and Ramadani know how to filter and restart actions from the midfield. Broja is the main striker, physically strong and capable of exploiting any minimal chance. Asani and Seferi add creativity to the Albanian team from the wings. And beware of their fans: thousands of enthusiastic Albanians will be in Dortmund on Saturday," stated the former coach of the Albanian National Team.

All of these factors, along with the Brazilian Sylvinho at the helm, suggest that while Italy remains the favorite, underestimating Albania could be fatal for the Azzurri.

"I don't know how Sylvinho will choose to play, whether he will attack Italy or wait. His Albania plays a proactive game. Sylvinho has had great mentors in his career, for instance, he has worked with Roberto Mancini. Albania is an opponent not to be underestimated, and Spalletti knows this well, but Italy is the favorite," continued the Italian strategist.

It’s worth remembering that under coach Gianni De Biasi, Albania played in the Euro 2016 finals, but much has changed since then. The "Red and Black" team now boasts more international experience.

As Albania prepares for this significant challenge, their growing experience and the enthusiasm of their supporters promise an exciting and potentially unpredictable match against Italy in Euro 2024.
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