Oksana Shpuza: A Shining Star in Shkodra’s Educational Landscape

Oksana Shpuza in an interview for RTSH
Oksana Shpuza in an interview for RTSH, screenshot
 Oksana Shpuza is a stellar student at one of Shkodra's private schools, consistently excelling academically since the fifth grade. Now a senior, her outstanding academic performance continues unabated.

With a particular affinity for scientific subjects, Oksana has demonstrated exceptional talent in Chemistry. At the beginning of the year, she was recognized as one of the winners of a prestigious Chemistry Olympiad, showcasing her deep understanding and passion for the subject. Her future plans are already taking shape, as she envisions a career path aligned with her academic interests.

Oksana’s dedication and achievements fill her homeroom teacher with pride. Beyond her academic pursuits, Oksana also has a special passion for sports, which she engages in regularly. She stands as a prime example of balancing rigorous studies with an active social life, embodying the virtues of dedication and well-roundedness.

In summary, Oksana Shpuza is not only an academic prodigy but also an active participant in the social fabric of her city, making her a role model for her peers and a source of pride for her community.
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