Alarming Hypertension Rates Among Albanians: World Hypertension Day Highlights Need for Healthier Lifestyle

 On World Hypertension Day, health experts in Albania are drawing attention to the pressing issue of high blood pressure, which affects a significant portion of the population. Statistics reveal that 30% of Albanians suffer from hypertension, with one in three adults diagnosed with this condition. The situation is even more severe among the elderly, with over half undergoing treatment for high blood pressure, local media reports.

A doctor measuring a woman's blood pressure, part of the arms and apparatus is visible
 A doctor measuring a woman's blood pressure, part of the arms and apparatus is visible
The Internal Medicine Service, which handles hypertension cases, emphasizes the importance of a healthier lifestyle to combat this prevalent health issue. One of the primary concerns is the excessive consumption of salt by Albanians, which contributes significantly to elevated blood pressure levels. To address this, doctors are advocating for a balanced diet and increased physical activity.

Health professionals also urge the public to avoid smoking, alcohol, and narcotics, as these substances can exacerbate hypertension and lead to serious health complications, including kidney disease, heart attacks, and strokes.

Despite the high prevalence of hypertension, there is a silver lining. Experts note that increased medical screenings have led to a higher number of diagnosed cases. More importantly, there has been a rise in the number of individuals managing their hypertension with medication, which has contributed to a reduction in mortality rates from heart attacks and cerebral hemorrhages.

In summary, while hypertension remains a significant health challenge in Albania, the focus on regular medical check-ups and the promotion of a healthier lifestyle are key strategies in mitigating its impact.
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