Italian Newspaper Highlights Decrease in Flight Ticket Prices to Albania

 The renowned Italian newspaper "Corriere della Sera" has dedicated an analysis to the decrease in flight ticket prices to Albania. According to the publication, the surge in tourism towards Albania has led to the emergence of several airlines, with the primary reason being the unprecedented competition between two low-cost carriers, making Albania the destination with the cheapest airfares in the world. "Corriere della Sera" emphasizes that three-quarters of the tickets sold to Albania are in the hands of these two companies.

Screenshot of Corriere della Sera where is written about the low-cost tickets to Albania
 Screenshot of Corriere Della Sera where is written about the low-cost tickets to Albania
Based on specialized platforms, the analysis by "Corriere della Sera" reveals that airfares to Tirana have decreased this year, while in other European countries, they have significantly increased.

Regarding flights between Albania and Italy, the Italian media reports that in the first half of this year, tickets are up to 68% cheaper than in 2019 and up to 39% lower than the same period in 2023.

While these developments are considered positive for Albania, "Corriere della Sera" views them as a challenge for Italy. Not only because there is a large Albanian community residing in the country but also because Italian beaches were "invaded" by Albanians last year. "This tourism boom towards Albania is a wake-up call regarding tourism in southern Italy," the newspaper writes, noting that this year, Tirana Airport has not only become the airport with the highest growth in the region, with 14 million seats for sale, but has also surpassed the offerings of significant Italian airports.
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