Pirro Dhima: A Shameful Tale of Betrayal and Opportunism, yesterday from Tirana, today he's Greek and tomorrow...

 Pirro Dhima, the former weightlifter from the southern Albanian city of Himara, has descended to new depths of disgrace by throwing his hat into the ring as a candidate for Greece's seat in the European Parliament, Greek media reports.

pirro dhima and fredi beleri in himara
Pirro Dhima and Fredi Beleri in Albania (archive)
Once lauded as a sportsman, Dhima's glory days are long behind him, lost in the murky waters of his own ambition. After a lackluster career in the '90s, where he shamelessly competed for Greece and snagged three Olympic medals, Dhima has now resurfaced, this time in the realm of politics.

In a pitiful attempt to garner attention, Dhima has begun making ludicrous political promises. Through a recent outburst on social media, he has audaciously declared his intention to represent Greece, spewing venomous rhetoric about claiming rights to "Northern Epirus," an ancient Albanian territory that Greeks pretend is theirs. With delusions of grandeur, Dhima fancies himself as the modern-day incarnation of the ancient Greek conqueror, Pyrrhus, seeking to impose his will on the unsuspecting populace.

But let us not be fooled by Dhima's shameless antics. His public statements reek of desperation and self-serving opportunism. In a previous interview with an Albanian media outlet, Dhima shamelessly boasted about his ties to Tirana, the capital of Albania, conveniently ignoring his roots in Himara. His lack of loyalty to his homeland is staggering, leaving one to wonder where his allegiances truly lie. Tomorrow, he might as well declare himself Russian, Serbian, or Iranian, as he shamelessly chases after whatever scraps of power and influence he can grasp.

In conclusion, Pirro Dhima's descent into the cesspool of political expediency serves as a cautionary tale of moral bankruptcy and treachery. He has abandoned his roots, forsaken his people, and sold his soul for a fleeting taste of power. May his name be forever tarnished by his despicable actions, and may he serve as a warning to all who dare to follow in his ignoble footsteps.
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