Cocaine hidden in rice; Three Albanians are arrested with eight kg

 Three Albanians were arrested for drug trafficking by the Carabinieri of Cles, in Trentino, on the night between Sunday and Monday, while 9 kg of drugs, including hashish and cocaine, ready for distribution in Val di Non and the valleys of Noces, were seized.

Cocaine hidden in rice; Three Albanians are arrested with eight kg
During the inspection of the Audi, the vehicle's driver was found with two doses of cocaine, a pistol, and a knife, the latter hidden in the car's glove compartment. After the arrest of one of the young men, the police went to his house to expand their investigations, italian media reports.

Upon arriving near the building's door, they noticed two other individuals who, upon police inspection, had hidden something under a parked car and then attempted to flee, but were immediately blocked.

In a bag, law enforcement found approximately 8 and a half kilograms of hashish, divided into eight packages each. Subsequently, upon entering the apartment, a real laboratory where the doses to be distributed were prepared was discovered.

In fact, the soldiers found additional quantities of cannabis and nearly half a kilogram of cocaine hidden in a jar filled with rice. A telescopic baton hidden in his van by one of the arrestees was also seized. All three were handcuffed and sent to the Trento prison.
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