Albanian Professor Veland Ramadani among top 2% of most influential scientists worldwide

 Professor of the Faculty of Economics and Business at the South East European University, Veland Ramadani, has been ranked among the top 2% of the most influential scientists in the world by the Republic of North Macedonia.

Veland Ramadani at his desk (archive)
 Veland Ramadani at his desk (archive)
The list was compiled by a team of three individuals from Stanford University, led by Professor Xhon Joanidis.

Professor Ramadani states that it is an honor and recognition to be among the top 2% of the most influential scientists globally, based on the number of citations of their authoritative scientific publications, and this for the second time, as he was also on the list from Stanford University last year.

"With a lot of hard work, networking with renowned authors worldwide, the unconditional support of family and the South East European University, I have managed to penetrate the global channels of this rank and character," says Prof. Dr. Veland Ramadani.

The top 2% of the most influential scientists worldwide for 2021 is the result of exhaustive analysis conducted by scholars at Stanford University, for the formation of which numerous indicators were analyzed, including: the total number of publications, citations, citation h-index, years since the scientist's first scientific work was published, as well as the overall impact in the specific field of research.

Stanford University's study includes the ranking of 7 million scientists from around the world, belonging to 22 fields and 176 sub-fields of study.
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