Official Tirana demands reciprocity for Albanians in Serbia, rights like Serbs in Kosovo

Begaj in his speech in UNited NAtion General Assemply
 Begaj in his speech in United Nation General Assembly
 Albanian President Bajram Begaj delivered his speech at the 78th Session of the United Nations General Assembly, which is taking place in New York. Begaj called for the recognition of Kosovo's independence by more member states.

"Nevertheless, Kosovo is still awaiting recognition of its independence by many countries. I hope that these countries will soon recognize Kosovo's contribution to a more just, peaceful global community and grant Kosovo the recognition it deserves. Recognize the Independence of Kosovo," Begaj said.

Encouraging the continuation of dialogue, Begaj emphasized the need to acknowledge the contributions made by Albania and Kosovo to ease tensions and conflicts in the region.

"Both Albania and Kosovo have consistently prioritized peace over tensions and conflicts, and we remain committed to this path. We hope that our contributions are recognized, and we do not allow our efforts to be overshadowed by negative approaches. In this context, Albania supports the challenging dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia facilitated by the careful mediation of the European Union and the strong support of the United States," he added.

President Begaj called for equal treatment of Albanians in southern Serbia, similar to how Kosovo treats the Serbian minority in its north.

"The rights of Serbs in Kosovo reflect European norms and values, and the same should apply to the Albanian minority in the Preshevo Valley, in southern Serbia. Unfortunately, we remain concerned about the lack of active addressing of their housing issues, the absence of significant investments, and economic incentives in that region," Begaj expressed.
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