The Albanian known as "El Gordo" wanted by 180 countries is arrested in Colombia

Besnik Nikolli and two Colombian officers
 Besnik Nikolli inn dhe middle and two Colombian officers
 The Spanish media write that the Albanian citizen Besnik Nikolli, otherwise known as Niko or El Gordo, has been arrested in Colombia after a police action against cocaine trafficking, local media report.

Nikolli has been wanted by the French authorities for two years due to his involvement in drug trafficking.

Besnik Nikolli and a Colombian officer checking his passport
 Besnik Nikolli and a Colombian officer checking his passport
Spanish media write that El Gordo was wanted in more than 180 countries around the world.

He was a key person who had connections with various gangs of Albanians in countries such as Germany, Holland, France and also from Albania and it is suspected that he had gone to Colombia to ensure direct contacts of cocaine traffic to Europe.

"The information possessed by the investigative body pointed out that the arrested person with the nickname 'Niko' carried out drug trafficking in France, Albania, the Netherlands, and Germany. Apparently, with his presence in Colombia, he sought to establish contacts with drug trafficking networks", the Spanish media emphasize in relation to the statement of the prosecution.
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