Myrto Uzuni for La Liga: My feet were the only source of income, so against Real, I thought I might be playing FIFA

Myrto Uzuni while being interviewed by La Liga
Myrto Uzuni while being interviewed by La Liga
 Myrto Uzuni has spoken in a brief interview for LaLiga's official channel on Twitter, touching on topics such as the start of his career, his arrival in LaLiga, the emotions of facing Real Madrid, and the success of the past season.

Myrto Uzuni is currently one of the most in-form and successful Albanian footballers. A key player for the Albanian national team, he is also experiencing the peak of his career in one of the strongest leagues in the world, the Spanish La Liga.

Recently, he gave a short interview to LaLiga's official channel on Twitter.

"When you come from a country like Albania, it's not easy to make it to LaLiga. I had to work very hard to achieve my dreams. But, this is what football is about, for you and your dreams, because in my home, there was only one option to earn money, just through my feet. In this life, I only want to thank my parents who believed in me and the person I am today," said the footballer.

He also had a comment about the special challenge at the football world's iconic stadium, the Bernabeu.

"I've been here at Granada for a year and a half and I feel excellent. I feel at home as people love me a lot. My debut match was at the Bernabeu, and when I saw players like Toni Kroos and Modric, I thought to myself and said: 'Am I not playing FIFA at those moments?'" expressed Uzuni.

The reporters from the La Liga website also wanted a comment on his current performance and his future plans.

"Every goal is special when you score. 23 goals in LaLiga2 are certainly a lot. Everyone knows how tough that category is. Now we are training very well, everything is ready, and we all need to do even more. My dream is to continue playing in La Liga, undoubtedly a great experience, and I want to play many matches," Uzuni said.
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