The archaeologist says that there were farmers in Pogradec 6000 years ago

Archaeologists digging in Pogradec
 Archaeologists digging in Pogradec
 The palafitte settlement of Lin, in Pogradec, is the oldest in Europe and dates back more than 6,000 years before the birth of Christ. The data is confirmed by the results of over 4 years of excavations conducted by Albanian and Swiss archaeologists from the University of Bern.

Albert Hafner, an archaeologist from Switzerland, explains that the findings uncovered show that agriculture was developed in this area and later spread throughout Europe, local media say.

"As of 2021, we have been excavating and following the traces from approximately 6,000 years before Jesus Christ. We are searching for the oldest wooden structures in Europe. In Switzerland, we have found structures that are 6,000 years old, while here, we find them 2,000 years older than ours. The findings indicate that there were farmers here. These findings are later found in southern Italy and eventually throughout Europe," he said.

For the Albanian archaeologist, Adrian Anastasi, the settlement of Lin is an important discovery that sheds light on elements of the lifestyle and social development of this area.

"With what we have searched and the preliminary results, we confirm that this settlement appears to be the oldest in Europe in its kind," said Anastasi.

The Swiss ambassador expressed that these findings could have a positive impact on tourism.

"My presence here is to understand what discoveries have been made. I am very happy that the University of Bern has an excellent reputation. The Swiss government does not finance the project, but we have good cooperation with the Albanian government. Swiss tourism is essential for us, and these discoveries make it even more attractive," emphasized Ruth Huber.

The excavations at the palafitte settlement of Lin have now shifted into the water, as the settlement was built on wooden structures positioned on land and a lake.

Archaeologists have gathered data on another similar settlement located near the border with North Macedonia.
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