Doctors of the Albanian Diaspora are ready to help Kosovo

Albanian doctors (illustration foto)
 Albanian doctors (illustration foto)
 "More than 20 doctors who live and work in the diaspora have expressed their willingness to collaborate with the Ministry of Health in Kosovo for the training of local staff or for reforms in the sector, in addition to the work they do in European countries," writes RTK.

After the positive response, the Ministry has started administrative and logistical preparations to create the conditions for healthcare professionals who are interested in collaborating with institutions in Kosovo.

The Minister of Health, Arben Vitia, has praised their readiness and said that they have experience and work culture in the countries where they operate. "Certainly, in the beginning, they will be there when they have time because what we need is the training and continuous education of our healthcare professionals," said Arben Vitia, Minister of Health, according to RTK.

One of the members of this group of white-coated professionals serving outside Kosovo is oncologist Ernesë Xhafa-Hamiti. "I have been personally invited by the Ministry of Health and am on the list of external experts within the Institute of Oncology, which means I can engage and help with any second thoughts, reforms for the benefit of this Institute. My engagement is 'ad hoc,' when I am free and have the opportunity," said Ernesë Xhafa Hamiti.

The Albanian Doctors Federation in Europe has also expressed their readiness. "The willingness is indisputable, but how willing is the other party, the Albanian institutions in Kosovo or Albania, to accept all the recommendations, reforms or protocols that we have ready, as other European countries that have reformed the healthcare system have done," said Aurora Dollenberg, President of the Albanian Doctors Federation in Europe."
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