28-year-old Albanian Danjela Neza is killed in Italy by a 27-year-old Guyanese man because of a "serious insult"

Italian Polic vehiclee in action (archive)
 Italian Polic vehiclee in action (archive)
 New details have emerged regarding the murder of 28-year-old Albanian woman Danjela Neza, who was executed on Friday night in Savona, Italy.

Italian media report that the reason for the crime was the end of the relationship that the 28-year-old had with a 27-year-old man of Guinean origin.

Safayou Sow, the former boyfriend of the Albanian girl, shot her in the head with a semi-automatic .22 caliber pistol. He then called the Carabinieri to report that he had killed his girlfriend.
 Picture of Daniela Neza, source
The 27-year-old man has no criminal record and works in the kitchen of a restaurant in Darsena.

The murder weapon, a semi-automatic pistol with a 22 mm caliber and a scratched serial number, was found near the victim's body.

The woman lived in Savona and worked in the same place as the killer. She has a previous criminal record for property crimes and drug trafficking.

Italian media report that a serious insult made by the 28-year-old woman provoked the anger of the man she had just started a romantic relationship with. The insult caused him to take the gun he had in the car's trunk and shoot her.

Safayou Sow was immediately questioned by Public Prosecutor Luca Traversa and is currently in Marassi prison, charged with murder and possession of firearms without a license.
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