Two young Serbs are injured in Kosovo, a suspect is arrested

Kosovo Police station in Mitrovica
 Kosovo Police station in Mitrovica
 The Kosovo Police has announced that two people have been injured by firearms in the village of Drajkovc in Shtërpce, a municipality inhabited by a majority of Serbs.

The two injured were sent for medical treatment to the Family Medicine Center in Shtërpcë and after receiving first aid, they were sent for further medical treatment in Graçanica, local media reports.

The two injured are out of life danger.

According to the police report, at around 15:20 on January 6, two people, one about 11 years old and the other about 21 years old were shot by suspects who were in a moving vehicle that was heading from Shtërpca in the direction of Ferizaj. According to the police, the car then left the scene.

Regarding the case, the Kosovo Police identified and then arrested the suspect with the initials A.K. aged 33 years old. The suspect was escorted to the Ferizaj Regional Police.

As stated in the announcement of the Kosovo Police, regional investigators have found and then confiscated the firearm (pistol), with which a criminal offense is suspected to have been committed.

As material evidence, the passenger's vehicle, with which the suspect is suspected to have moved, was also confiscated.

After injuring two young men, the local Serbs blocked the Prevalle-Shtërpcë road.

The prosecutor of the Basic Prosecution in Ferizaj, Shukri Jashari, who is dealing with the case, said that the mayor of Shtërpce and the Kosovo Police officials are trying to convince the Serbs to unblock the road.
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