Korça is the city with the most polluted air in Albania

Korça, December, 2021
 Korça, December, 2021
 Environmental experts have raised the alarm for the city of Korça, which turns out to be the most polluted in Albania. The main causes are related to the wood used for heating, but also the gases emitted by vehicles.

"During the winter season, Korça is the most polluted city in Albania and one of the most polluted cities in the Balkans. According to the measurements carried out by environmental experts, it turns out that Korça is 25 times more polluted than the norm allowed by the WHO and the European Union", Euronews Albania reports.

Elvis Çela, who is an environmental expert, is measuring the air of Korça over a long-term period.

According to the measurements carried out with different methods, during the winter the air of Korça is completely harmful to people's health.

"In the winter period, it turned out that Korça is the most polluted city in Albania. 1:04 the most polluted city in Albania according to parameters and air quality index is the municipality of Korça. We carried out the measurement with mobile but also installed devices, devices that are connected by all citizens", said Çela

Expert Çela revealed what causes this pollution by saying: "The main factor in the winter period is the massive burning of firewood by family members, it is the city with the use of firewood in a very high percentage, which reflects in the air quality indicators. 2:38 heavy traffic on the main axes, the urban infrastructure that is not in the whole city is within the standards, he continued.

According to him, this pollution causes damage to the health of the population.

"Air quality pollution directly affects the health of citizens, especially mental health problems but also internal diseases. Some of the doctors have raised the alarm after seeing the increase in the number of viruses or extensions beyond normal, which all reflect a high level of pollution that impacts the health of citizens", he continued.

A few months ago, Prime Minister Rama warned that the city of Korça will be included in the gasification project, with the support of the government of Azerbaijan, which is expected to have a positive effect on the air and the Korça economy.
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