Tourists double in Shkodër, Rozafa Castle the most frequented

Rozafa Castle from the peak, Shkodër, May 2018
Rozafa Castle from the peak, Shkodër, May 2018
 Priam is from Canada and has been in Albania for several days. Previously in Tirana, while now in Shkodër, Priami confesses that he likes Albania very much and is thinking of extending his visit. The sight of Rozafa Castle fascinated him.

"I came to explore Albania, I've been here for 11 days and I'm really enjoying it. The people are very friendly, I like the culture and the food, the clean air and the nature. I really liked the castle, I didn't think it was that big," said Priam Hutchinson.

Ndriçim Mlika, the historian at the castle museum, shows that there has been a very satisfactory trend of tourists while he shows one of the most important historical elements that we can find in the museum.

"Here is the copy of an inscription of the fourth century after Christ which is found in the castle. In the entire region of Shkodra, there are only 13 inscriptions in Latin", said Mlika.

The year we left behind marked a doubling of the number of tourists compared to 2021, about 20 thousand more than the comparative year before the pandemic (2019).

"The year 2022 has marked a very successful year as far as the visitation of the "Rofaza" Castle is concerned, where we have recorded a number of about 94,240 visitors during the year 2022 and if we compare it with 2021, we have a doubling of the visitation", declares Besara Podgorica, head of the Shkodër Regional Directorate of Cultural Heritage.

The capital of the north has closed a very successful year as far as historical tourism is concerned, while the "Rozafa" castle holds the first place in terms of visitation.
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