"Albanians are a hopeless people, they have to choose between the 3 most hated leaders"

Spahiu while being interviewed in Euronews Albania
Spahiu while being interviewed in Euronews Albania 
 Lawyer Kreshnik Spahiu analyzed the findings of the Barometer in Euronews Albania regarding the popularity of Albanian leaders, referring to the current prime minister Edi Rama and former prime ministers Ilir Meta and Sali Berisha.

According to Spahiu, Albanians are the most hopeless people on the planet as they do not have an alternative government even if they vote out the current government of Edi Rama.

Referring to the findings of the barometer, Spahiu said that even if they remove the biggest evil, which is Rama, Albanians have an alternative to the two people hated by more than 70 percent of Albanians, such as Meta and Berisha.

"There is no more unfortunate people on the planet that has such a dark future, that the ruling alternative has two people who are hated by more than 70 percent of the people. The time has come to understand that these 3 figures are not there to be voted for, but that they are hostages of a captured system and a mafia agreement of 3 parties", said Spahiu.
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