Serb injured in North Kosovo by gunfire

 According to the Kosovo Police, they shot at a vehicle that had not stopped for inspection in Bistrica. In the meantime, a Serb was hurt in this incident, as stated by the Serbian government's Office for Kosovo.

 Kosovo Police in Lepopsaviq
"Directly endangering the lives of the police officials, who to neutralize the danger to them fired with firearms," according to a press release, the vehicle struck the Kosovo Police vehicle during the movement.

The suspects, according to the authorities, have left the scene, and Kosovo Police has notified the Police Inspectorate for further procedures in addition to the ongoing case investigations.

On January 23, the director of the Serbian government's Office for Kosovo, Petar Petkovic, said that the injured MD needed to be taken right away to the Kraleva hospital. He claims that the vehicles were "shot" by Kosovo police units "only because they did not want to allow the police to mistreat them without any basis or reason."

Petkovic claims that the injured person "has a gunshot wound and was shot in the left part of the chest."

According to Petkovic, in addition to M.D. and D.S., both members of the Serbian community, D.S. was in the vehicle that was traveling on the Mitrovica-Leposaviq highway and did not sustain any injuries.

Petkovic stated once more that the Kosovo Police's special units "do not have what to look for in the north of Kosovo."

In the north of Kosovo, this is not the first incident of its kind. The Kosovo Police have reported that vehicles suspected of carrying smuggled goods have been involved in incidents in the past.

The incident on January 23 also occurs a month after 20 days of barricades were erected in the north of Kosovo in December.

Following the detention of a former member of the Kosovo Police, the local Serbs had erected barricades. However, after Dejan Pantic's security measure was changed from detention to house arrest, the barricades in the north of Kosovo were removed by local Serbs.
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