Pope Francis Greets Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani

 Pope Francis gave Vjosa Osmani, the president of Kosovo, a private audience at the Holy See. The Presidency's press office made the announcement, claiming that Osmani told the Pope Kosovo's goal was Vatican recognition.

Vjosa Osmani in hte Office of Pope Francis
 Vjosa Osmani in hte Office of Pope Francis
"The further strengthening of our citizenship and the country's integration into Euro-Atlantic structures are affected by the Holy See's recognition of Kosovo. She stated that Kosovo's desire for Vatican recognition "contributes to the further deepening and advancement of our centuries-old relations, as well as to our country's European path." She said

We recall Kosovo's declaration of independence in February 2008, but its citizenship has not yet been recognized by the Vatican.

Osmani is also said to have expressed gratitude to the Pope for his decision in 2018 to elevate the Apostolic Administration of Kosovo to the level of a Diocese.

In addition, the meeting talked about the relationship between the two countries and Kosovo's path through Europe.

Osmani will also be greeted by Sergio Mattarella, the president of Italy, during his time in Rome.
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