Fatmir Doksani, Kuçovë Cadastre Director Discharged

Fatmir Doksani in a foto with his head up (archive)
 Fatmir Doksani in a foto with his head up (archive)
 Fatmir Doksani, who was in charge of the Kuçove State Cadastre Agency, has been fired.

It has been learned that the General Director of the State Cadastre Agency, Artan Lame, has fired Doksani due to misconduct in office. His suspension came right after a party meeting that took place last Thursday afternoon at the Socialist Party headquarters in Kuçove. During the meeting, there were many arguments and verbal fights.

According to sources in the State Cadastre Agency's Kuçove branch, Doksani was fired after he failed to implement some final court decisions for the registration of some houses and plots of land in the Kuçove district. This was one of several violations he committed while performing his duties.

Shklqim Braushi is expected to be appointed new director today, according to the order of Doksani's suspension, which has been in effect for several days. Fatmir Doksani led the State Cadastre Agency's Kuçove branch for three years before serving two terms as mayor of Kozare municipality. Shklqim Braushi, his replacement, previously held a position at The High Judicial Council (HJC) institution.
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