Dozens of packages of cannabis hidden in the car, Romanian arrested in Morina

Packages of cannabis seized from the car driven by the Romanian in Morina, Kukës
 Packages of cannabis seized from the car driven by the Romanian in Morina, Kukës
 The Border Police of Morina in Kukës has struck a case of attempted international trafficking of narcotics. A Romanian citizen has been arrested on charges of international drug trafficking. The 48-year-old had hidden dozens of packages of cannabis in the bottom of the car.

"In the police operation coded "Indicia", the Police services moved to the second line, for a more detailed control, the "Benz" type vehicle, driven by the Romanian citizen F. B., for which there was information obtained through information intelligence, from the structures investigation of DVP Kuka", the Police announcement states.

During the detailed check, in the lower part of his vehicle on the chassis, in a space adapted to hide narcotics, dozens of packages filled with suspected cannabis narcotics were found, with a total weight of about 70 kilograms, which was seized as material evidence, together with the vehicle and 2 mobile devices.

In cooperation with the Prosecutor's Office at the Kukas Judicial District Court, the in-depth investigation continues, for the complete clarification of this case, as well as for the identification and capture of other citizens implicated in this criminal activity.
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