Albanians are officially the sleepiest people!

World Map of Sleep Duration
 World Map of Sleep Duration
 Albanians love sleep so much that they rank first in the world in terms of sleep duration, according to a study by the magazine "Nature".

Of the 63 nationalities researched, the study showed that Albanians slept more, on average 7 hours and 32 minutes per night, Euronews reports.

Slovaks, Romanians, Czechs and Ukrainians rank after Albania.

Sociologist Edmond Dragoti said in an interview for Euronews Albania that sleep is very present in the lives of Albanians despite being far from Ecuador.

"The fact that we stand out is a surprise, in the sense that if the Spaniards, Italians, or Greeks stand out for their afternoon nap, who close the shops, go to sleep and come back, we keep the shops open, but we sleep there," Dragoti said, laughing.

The sociologist added that those who are closer to the heat sleep less, this in terms of geography, while in terms of culture, he said that the Albanian people are a bit lazy.
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