23-year-old Albanian boxer Liridon B. stabbed to death in Germany

23-year-old Albanian boxer Liridon B. stabbed to death in Germany
 The place where Liridon was stabbed and Liridon after winning first place in 2015
 A 23-year-old Albanian man was found stabbed to death at the train station in the town of Gunzenhausen in Germany. German media reports that the 23-year-old identified as Liridon B. is a former 2015 in the Junior Franconian and North Bavarian Light Welterweight Champion of up to 60 kilograms, Bild reports.

His trainer stated in a statement to the media that the 23-year-old was a promising boxing champion, but his career began to take a downward turn when he started hanging out with people involved in drug trafficking.

"After that he slipped down the wrong path. He started hanging out with friends who were into drugs, got arrested, and went to juvenile detention. After prison, he came to me for training because he wanted to box again. He promised that he would not demonize it again. But a year ago he ended the sport and stopped playing," said the coach.

On New Year's Eve, at around 06:00 in Hafnerplatz, Liridon B. had a violent argument with his friend Andreas M., 23, also with a history in the field of narcotics. The former boxer stabbed him in the upper body, seriously injuring him.

Two and a half hours after the argument, Liridon B. was stabbed and found dead at the train station.
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