Albania is covered in snow, and 1100 hectares in Shkodra are flooded

 In the Korça District, snow fell throughout the night, mostly in the quota above 1200 meters, but also in the axis of Korçe-Voskopoje and Korçe-Qafa e Qarrit-Erseke, where minor snowfall is occurring and asphalt salting and snow removal tools are being utilized.

Roads filled with snow in the mountainous area of Shkodra
 Roads filled with snow in the mountainous area of Shkodra
Traffic is not an issue at the moment. The most important national and tourism segments—Qafa e Thana-Pogradec-Korçe-Kapshtice, Korçe-Voskopoje, Boboshtice-Dardhe, and Korçe-Qafa e Qarrit-Erseke—have remained open and trouble-free; They have been working on their maintenance all night.

In Kolonje, there were strong winds and severe showers at night, and in the morning, there was 2 to 3 cm of snow. Consequently, two Selenice schools, Shalsi and Borove, have been damaged and are currently being repaired. The work in the first two schools will be finished today by the municipality, and classes will continue as usual tomorrow. The "Borova" did not function as a school for a considerable amount of time.

The availability of energy has increased; Nevertheless, the municipalities of Pogradec, Joll, Devoll, Ipan, Korçe, Kodra, and Peshtan, all of which are a part of the Vithkuq Administrative Unit, continue to occasionally experience issues.

In the Shkoder district, the Drin River level has risen by 40 centimeters to a quota of 6 meters and 15 centimeters, and the lake level has risen by 5 centimeters. The total flooded area in the Shkodr Municipality is approximately 1100 hectares, according to officials.

On the Oboti road, where the water level has reached 55 centimeters and the Oblika 1 Aqueduct is closed, four army soldiers are driving a high-passage truck.

Although salt has been sprinkled to prevent accidents, snow has fallen in Gjinar in Elbasan, the Labinot mountain, and the Funari region.

Even Llogoraja was covered in snow this morning, but vehicle traffic was unharmed. There is no need for a chain to travel the route, which is open; Snow plows have been clearing the road throughout the night in the interim.

In the hilly regions of the Kuks district, snowfall has taken the place of rain at elevations above 700 meters. Snow that is up to 7 centimeters deep blankets Shishtaveci completely. At the Ura e Zapodit-Shishtavec segment, snow has fallen, and the maintenance company has used equipment for snow removal to keep traffic moving smoothly.

Please keep in mind that most national roads can be traveled by car. Salting and cleaning the roads are being done by the teams.
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