Agron Neza reacts after was mentioned in FBI files relating to Charles McGonigal

 The Albanian-American citizen Agron Neza, who is mentioned in the investigation file of former FBI agent Charles McGonigal, has only responded to Euronews Albania regarding the allegations leveled against him.

From the left: Agron Neza, Edi Rama and Sali Berisha, montage
Neza asserts that neither Prime Minister Edi Rama nor the Albanian government are associated with the funds McGonigal is alleged to have given.

Neza added that the money was given for personal reasons and had nothing to do with any business or affair. He describes Berisha's claims that the money was used to lobby the government against him as nothing more than slander.

Agron Neza writes, among other things, in response to Euronews Albania:

I'm making it clear, like Sali Berisha, that he is willing to slander everyone and everything for his political and personal interests, and he will go even further if he can because he has a bad track record in the field of slander. Additionally, this will be my final response as I explain to journalists, analysts, and our beloved Albanians wherever they may be; that my friend Charles McGonigal, a former director of the FBI's Counterintelligence Office for New York, introduced me to Albania's Prime Minister Edi Rama in the fall of 2017 in the Prime Minister's Office building, in a meeting that probably lasted less than two minutes.

 Agron Neza and Sali Berisha
I had additional meetings after this one, with additional people present. I can't say that the Albanian prime minister is a friend of mine, and neither am I a friend of his other than an acquaintance. I am aware that I have friends from the PD, PR, PSD, PL, and other parties in Albania, but I have never discussed business or financial matters with PM Rama. The same is true for his staff, with whom I can get acquainted.

From the left: Agron Neza, Charles McGonigal, and Rexhe Byberi honoring McGonigal with a kind of medal
From the left: Agron Neza, Charles McGonigal, and Rexhe Byberi honoring McGonigal with a kind of medal
Regarding Sali Ram Berisha's libelous claim that the money I gave to my friend Charles McGonigal was Prime Minister Edi Rama's or his people's money, this is patently false. I am convinced that Prime Minister Rama, Sali Berisha, and everyone else learned about the issue of giving money from the media at the same time. The controversy over the money I gave to Charles McGonigal is now over.
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