Dua Lipa on November 28 free concert in Tirana

 The mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj revealed details from Dua Lipa's concert in Tirana on November 28, where he announced that the entrance to the concert will be free.

Dua Lipa presenting the Future Nostalgia to Erion Veliaj
Dua Lipa presenting the Future Nostalgia to Erion Veliaj (archive)
 "Dua Lipa's concert in Tirana is free because she ends her world tour. We want to invite everyone. We also finish our tour of Tirana, the European Youth Capital. Dua ends her tour, so we decided to unite these extraordinary initiatives in Tirana, on the most beautiful day in the world, which is Independence Day, November 28. We want the whole day to be full of activities", emphasized Veliaj.

Veliaj said that "the square will be open to enter from 18:00 for the concert to start at 20:00." We will make sure that there is security and enough places to enter because hundreds of thousands of young people are expected to come to Tirana. All the rooms are taken, so many of those who book at the last minute will have to arrange with Air BNB or even in our dormitories or at their friends.

"We want it to be a big party. With Dua, we have also prepared several other activities, to inspire the story of someone who achieved things not by talk, but by work", said Veliaj.

The mayor emphasized that Tirana, as the European Youth Capital, had more than 1,000 youth activities.
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