Albanian Judicial Officer in a hotel that costs €2,500 per night

Dritan Malaj, photo taken from Gazeta Dita
 Dritan Malaj, photo taken from Gazeta Dita
 The officers of the Judicial Police, the "eyes and ears" of the prosecutors, are the ones who investigate, collect the evidence, interrogate, "clip" the files and deliver them to their leaders, the prosecutors. The latter, in fact, decide on the basis of the work of these officers.

The newspaper Dita has started a cycle of investigations by publishing the files for the Judicial Police Officers in the General Prosecutor's Office, the black squads of Tirana as well as judicial officers of SPAK.

The first case is that of Dritan Malaj, a Judicial Police officer at the Tirana Prosecutor's Office. Malaj was appointed to this position in 2016 with the signature of the convicted former chief prosecutor Adriatik Llalla, in complete violation of the law.

According to the law of that time, to be appointed Judicial Police Officer you had to have 5 years of work as a lawyer. Dritan Malaj, born on 12.10.1990, had only 4 years of work experience at the Electronic and Postal Communications Authority (AKEP) until the moment of his appointment as an officers of the Judicial Police.

"Dita" says that if the fact that Dritan Malaj did not meet the experience to be employed was not enough, he was also a shareholder in a commercial company. More specifically, on 10.03.2015, Dritan Malaj and the Italian citizen Giuseppe Colazzo founded the company COOLSERVICE ALBANIA and the quotas were divided 40% for Dritan and 60% for Giuseppe.

The law prohibits a Judicial Police Officer from being a shareholder in a commercial company. Dritani Malaj "learned" this two years late, and on 15.02.2017 he transferred 40% of his shares in the company to Stela Malaj, who is his wife, according to the Dita newspaper's investigation.

From exotic countries to cold countries; luxury trips are also advertised on social networks. Holidays in exclusive places are Dritan's passion. His salary as OPGJ is 102,800 ALL (800€) per month. Just to create an idea, Dritani has spent whole vacation days at the Grotta Palazzese hotel (photo above), an exclusive hotel in Polignano, where a half-day stay costs as much as the salary of an officer.

 Dritan Malaj, photo taken from Gazeta Dita
Not to mention the countless days on the beaches of Amalfi, Saint Tropez and even Spain. How does officer Dritan Malaj pay these expenses in every corner of the globe? A simple calculation reveals that his salary is not even enough for plane tickets.

Gazeta Dita learns that Dritan Malaj drives around Tirana with a Range Rover with English license plates, which belongs to the owners of a well-known bar, who were the subject of the Prosecutor's Office's investigation and today have a law firm representing "Malaj Law Consulting and Partner" ” or more precisely, they have a lawyer, the mother of their investigator!

As we pointed out at the beginning of this cycle, the Malay case is only one of the Judicial Police Officers of this type. In the case of "Malaj" there are dozens of other officers who have not been talked about until today, continues the investigative article of the Dita newspaper.
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